Decoding Indian Politics

“Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt

A country is as much about the governed as it is about the government and as such, it runs best when the two are in congruence. We are the country and politics is the pulse of the nation.

Wait, but isn’t politics boring, tedious, sometimes downright unpleasant and thus, a total put-off? Yawn. Of course, and so is going to the gym! And just about everything else that is beneficial in the long run. But once you get going, it's a good routine. Plus the reward of a toned body makes it worth the while.

Metaphors aside, The Pulse tones your political muscle for the win. We decode political affairs without complex and dramatic headlines. No news is breaking news; it is just news. We make sense of data, events, and decisions from a logical, unbiased perspective and share nuggets that matter.

We are a team of young Indians with analytical minds.
We present ideas with logic, quirk, and the occasional sarcasm.
We are political wonks who love coherent and reasonable arguments.
We are modern, we are rational, we are liberal and guess what – we are also proud Indians, as patriotic about our country as we are about cricket and Bollywood.

Join the voice and build a stronger India that runs with a healthier heartbeat.

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